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Last updated 09-Dec-2010

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Atlin lake island
View Torres ch
Atlin lake unfrozen
Pine Creek delta 1
View McBride
mirror 4
Monarch Mnt trail 2
mirror 2
blue mirror
Mirror 3
Pine Creek Falls
Arctic survival symbols
3 mirrors
Wil's corner
Sign board
Atlin Lake storm
Rock snow
Cabins McBride
Mirror 1
skitrail lagoon
Monarch Mnt trail
Pine Creek delta 2

Over the summer period of 2010 Wil participated again with other Atlin artists in the running of the Atlin Courthouse Gallery.

Wil's work is to be admired and for sale in this Gallery.
Despite the economic downturn the 2010 season was quite successful.

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Halfway Monarch
evening sky Birch
sunset Atlin lake
winter alkali

Wil keeps on experimenting with her new twists to the mosaics theme: collages from tinted egg shells.
We still are eating a lot of omelet!!

But of course mosaics were not forgotten.
blue tray 1
blue  tray 2
Purple teapot
brown teapot
rhubarb flowers
Curly dock 2
Curly dock 1
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