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Monarch Mountain Trail

"Monarch Mountain Trail" - 2004
Oil on canvas

Winter Solstice
"Winter Solstice"- 2003
Acrylic on canvas
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Clicking on one of the pictures will open a new window with a larger picture.

One Splendid Day
"One Splendid Day" - 2003
Acrylic on canvas
"Finished" - 2003, Acrylic on Canvas
Shoreline Atlin Lake 1
"Shoreline Atlin lake #1" - 2004
Oil on canvas
The "Northern Images" Series 2002:
"Beyond" - 2002
Acrylic on canvas
Land of Wonder
"Land of Wonder" - 2002
Acrylic on canvas

"Midnight" - 2002
Acrylic on canvas


"Storm" - 2002
Acrylic on canvas

After the Storm

"After the Storm" - 2002
Acrylic on canvas

Arctic Meadows
"Arctic Meadows" - 2002
Pastel on paper
11 1/4" x 15 1/2"

In 2005 Wil started to produce a wealth of trivets, vases, flowerpots, boxes, serving trays, etc. for sale during the Atlin Arts and Music Festival 2005 and the Christmas Fair in December 2005.

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Going Home
"Going Home" - 2005
Oilstick on canvas
Anticipating Snow
"Anticipating Snow" - 2005
Oil on canvas
Spring in the Mountains
"Spring in the Mountains" - 2005
Oil on canvas
Wil painting
Wil working on "Spring in the Mountains" 2005
On Monarch
"On Monarch" - 2005
Acrylic on canvas
Atlin in July
"Atlin in July" - 2004
Acrylic on canvas
Nature's Force
"Nature's Force" 2004
Acrylic on canvasboard
Freeze Up
"Freeze Up" - 2004
Acrylic on canvasboard
"Discovery" - 2004
Acrylic on canvasboard
First Sign of Spring
"First Sign of Spring" - 2004
Acrylic on canvas
Pine Creek at Surprise Lake
"Pine Creek at Surprise Lake" - 2004
Acrylic on canvasboard
"Shoreline Atlin Lake #2 - 2004
Acrylic on canvasboard
Brewery Bay Marina

"Brewery Bay Marina" - 2004
Acrylic on canvasboard

"November" - 2004
Acrylic on canvasboard
Pressure ridge 1
"Pressure Ridge #1" - 2004 Acrylic on canvas
To Wil's Art 2006 - 2007
Shoreline Atlin Lake 2

In 2004 in addition to painting Wil tried a new medium: mosaics.
She started out with recycling old plates etc. and incorporating these into works of art.

Blue vase
To Wil's Art 2008
Bowl triffit
serving tray
....but kept on painting.
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