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Last updated 09-Dec-2010

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decorated chair

Over the summer period of 2009 Wil participates again with other Atlin artists in the running of the Atlin Courthouse Gallery.

Most of Wil's work is to be admired in this Gallery.

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A trip to the Tombstone Mountains (left) in the fall of 2008 inspired Wil to put again some paint on canvas.

The results:

Over the winter Wil experimented with some new twists to the mosiacs theme: collages from tinted egg shells.
We are eating a lot of omelet!!

From vases and boxes with tinted egg shells (above) to vases with tinted rice paper was a small step
(left and right)
But of course mosaics were not forgotten.
Mirrors, teapots and funky things like this ornamented chair.
funky blue teapot
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