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Wil doesn't like to talk about her work, so there is hardly any text, only pictures of her wonderful art.
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Last updated 18-May-2015

Clicking on one of the pictures will open a new window with a larger picture.

To Wil's Art 1999 - 2001
To Wil's Art 2006 - 2007

Initially Wil worked with watercolour and soft pastel. From there she moved into oils and acrylics.
She always was interested in getting her hands dirty and so its no wonder that mixed media drew her attention.
In 2004 Wil moved into a new medium: mosaics, starting out with recycling old plates etc. and incorporating these into works of art.
Now she is using mosaic tiles, stained glass and lately tinted egg shells but still paints of course. Also she is branching out in encaustic techniques.

Many of Wil's art works are to be found at the Atlin Festival Headquarters and in "Magpie", Karyn Arbour's Boutique also in Atlin.

To Wil's Art 2002 - 2005
To Wil's Art 2008
symbols Arctic survival 2010
three rose boxes
Yellow Flower box
Sunser Atlin lake 2008
table top
Dempster 2009
To Wil'sArt 2009
egg shell 2009
Mosaic vase flowers
rhubarb encaustic 2010
Yuka and Lotje 1999
To Wil's Art 2010
To Wil's art 2011
To Wil's art 2012
To Wil's art 2015
Wil's art 2013-2014 still to follow