Hein and Wil de Vries

P.O. Box 427
Atlin, British Columbia
Canada V0W 1A0
Tel: 250-651-2480

In May of 2002 we left Calgary (Alberta) to settle in Atlin (British Columbia).

This small and remote Northern community is situated in the far northwest corner of this Canadian province, right on the BC-Yukon border.
After nearly 25 years of living and working in a growing Calgary we moved to a small remote hamlet with just a few hundred souls.

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Many people know that we always loved the North.
During one of our vacations we found this delightful spot on the eastern shores of Atlin Lake.
Nearby the mighty Yukon River starts as a small stream coming off the Llewellyn Glacier.
That same vacation we bought our home. Now we are here permanently. A not unusual story here in Atlin!
Sometimes you just have to follow your nose. Never mind common sense!
Anyway we, sole-handedly, enlarged the house a few times and build ourselves a nice deck to look out over the lake and the glaciers beyond.
The cabin in the backyard became our studio, where (mostly) Wil produces her art.

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