Hein and Wil de Vries Website: Tombstone Mountains
View from our spot
Wil Frodo


Last updated January 25, 2010

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Red truck tenttrailer
Hein Matt Xword
Matt in Lil Canyon
Lienke 2 dogs
Frodo and campground
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Wil and truck
Hein willows
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Red Birch plus rock
Lienke 2 dogs car
Frodo evening light
Hein watering dogs
View 2006
geologist Hein
dwarf birch Reindeer moss
Low bush Cranberries
Red birch
Blackstone River
Lil Canyon _1
Dempster ribbon
evening shadows
Frodo fall colours
Frodo in creek
Mountains and tundra
The Tombstone Mountains
(along the Dempster Highway Yukon Canada):
a very special place we love to visit.
About one day drive from Atlin, a perfect little campground welcomes its visitors. It is situated just below North Fork Pass leading into the Blackstone River highlands.
Vieuw from the campground.
View up the North Klondike River towards Tombstone Mountain.
Dempster highway:
a 800 km gravel road connecting the Arctic Ocean with the rest of Canada.
View down towards the campground
Evening shadows along the Dempster
Other views up the North Klondike River from North Fork Pass.
(Wo)men and beasts
Fall colours of the creeping willows, the low bush cranberries and reindeer moss.
The local beaverpond
The highlands along the Dempster Highway and the Blackstone River.
Frodo in the fall colours
Exploring the "Lil River" canyon with Matt.
Finding some real nice turbidites.