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Our little Atlin house is quite a bit smaller than the house in Calgary.
It took a lot of hard work to find a place for everything.

But in addition to the house we've got quite a roomy guestcabin/studio situated in the back of the yard plus an assortment of outbuildings: woodshed, greenhouse, "meathouse" (the previous owner used to hang the fall moose in here) in the back alley and a recently built tool shack.

When we bought this place we knew we were likely going to enlarge it somewhat and if possible, add a deck to look out over the lake.

In the summer of 2000 we moved the first dirt to build on an addition.
We used the 2001 summer to finish the interior to a large degree but there are still some details to be finished and there always will be.

With now two granddaughters we were looking for ways to enlarge the house or enlarge the space in the house. So in spring 2005 we started a major renovation of the second storey.
The roof on the S side was lifted up to create more room under the A frame. This was completed in the fall of 2005.

The original house was built in the early eighties by a Swedish carpenter named Bo Eriksen who used to live in Atlin and has built quite a few houses here.
Our cabin
Our Cabin
with a nice storage attic as it was prior to the 2004 summer. But to have a place where we can work at our art , we extended in the 2004 summer the left side of the cabin to create a nice light studio.
Woodshed + "Meathouse" in the alley
Flowers along walkway
Kitchen and diningtable
Rest of the Room, Kitchen etc.
The bookcase in the SE corner, the reading window facing W, our pride the hearth: built by ourselves from local greenstone and granite plus the occasional fossil from our travels throughout the world in the NW corner plus plants enjoying the light flooding in through the celestory windows up high: it all makes it a delightful place to be, summer or winter.

Outside: Garden, Dependances and
(in the summer) Flowers everywhere.

Back entrance
Flowers on deck
House in the snow

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Last updated 13-dec-05

Interior of the 2001 addition to the main house
Woodshack and "Meathouse"