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Our trip to New Zealand and the Cook Islands
October 23 - December 14, 2006

BBA 321
Russell Campground
Van Queenstown
On Monday October 23, 2006 we left Whitehorse at 8:00 am to arrrive in Auckland - New Zealand on Wednesday morning 6:30 am local time. Mind you we passed the date line so we lost 24 hrs. that we got back on our return trip.
Here in Auckland we picked up our campervan BBA321 from Gateway Motorhome Rentals: our home for the next 7 weeks.
Many times during our trip we called New Zealand a country of shapes, sounds and colours.
Shapes: because of the many interesting shapes found in, for us unfamiliar, trees, the ferns, the Maori carvings, the volcanic landscape.
Sounds: because of the melodic songs of ptuis and bellbirds, the shrieks of the penguins , the noise of the constant winds.
Colours: it was spring in New Zealand and the flowers were blooming.
Auckland Museum Tree
Twisted Pohutukawa
Trees shapes
Erangi: female shape
unrolled fern leave
It is difficult to show you sounds as we did not have a recording device but here are a few pictures of unfamiliar birds to us. Imagine the cacaphony!
Red billed Gull
Pied Shags
Female Blackbird
NZ pigeon
Blue Penguin
Yellow-Eyed Penguin
Common Myna
look at all these blooming flowers and for those of you with a sense of smell imagine the fragrances.
Flowers lawn Museum
White Bells Muriwai
Yellow Chalices Russell
Orange Cactus Russell
Bird of Paradise Russell
Pink Flowers Russell
Pohutukawa flowers
Orange Flowers
Orange-Yellow Flower
White Pantsies
Interesting flowers
Pink Pipecleaners
Manuka blossoms
Pink Foxglove
Kind of liliy Hahei
White Chalyces
Ben Lomond White flower
Mt.Cook lily

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