New Zealand 2010: In and around Rotorua

February 14 - March 19, 2010

This time we had arranged to meet our friends Peter and Bernardine on the Blue Lake Campground just outside in Rotorua to jointly explore some of the sights we skipped the first time we visited the North Island in 2006.
Rotorua: bubbling mud pools, gurgling springs, sulphurous streams, the Government Gardens with the Maori carvings at its entrance. the Tudor-style Bath House and the odd find like the W. Canadian totem pole and the really nice bronze "Waitukei" sculpture.
From the Government Gardens a very nice walkway leads along the shore of Lake Rotorua (an old crater lake) with Black Swans to Kuirau Park with its sulphurous steam and bubbling mud pots.

last updated February 27, 2011

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