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What happened to me?
Hein and painting, drawing?
It all started with Susan Woolgar's course:
"Drawing for the Completed Intimidated" in the early nineties.

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I have discovered the magic powers in painting and drawing. Every time I sit down behind my easel, I am travelling back to the places I love so much: high mountains, deep valleys, big lakes, and fast streaming rivers
"Alberta Foothills"
"Alberta Foothills" 2002
Acrylic on Canvas
20" x 26"
"Our Nextdoor Neighbour"
Acrylic on Canvas

14" x 18"
"Over Birch Creek" 2002
Acrylic on Canvas
12" x 36"
The weather, the special time of the day or just the sheer magic of the spot leaves indelible impressions upon the human soul touched by the majesty of the landscape.
Lately, I am working mostly in Acrylic on Canvas but from time to time I love to become more graphic and shift to stark tonal black ink with maybe one grey tone.
"Mangin Glacier" 2002
Ink on Paper
10 1/2" x 28 1/4"
"Bow Valley Sisters" 2001
Acrylic on Canvas
18" x 24"
"Fall" 2001
Acrylic on Canvas 18" x 24"
"Fortress" 2000
Acrylic on Canvas 36" x 24"

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