Gwaihir: The great eagle known as the Windlord in Tolkien's: The Lord of the Rings. Pronunciation: gwy'heer' ("gwy" to rhyme with English "eye")

Reflections of boats and mountains
Baptism w/ lakewtr
Hein and Wil Website
Under sail
Close Race
Hoist the sails
Hein and Wil
Gwaihir is a 26' MacGregor26S, built in August of 1994 and likely sailed for the first time during the 1995 season. We got her in the fall of 2000 and sailed her for the first summer in 2001 on Atlin Lake.
Gwaihir plans
Snow and water
Lienke and Dad
on their way
Kirsti and Dad
Preparing for cast of
Gwaihir mooring
Hein and Wil on the bow
Lienke at the helm
under sail

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