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Atlin, British Columbia is situated just South of the border with Yukon Territory, in the far Northwest corner of the province. It is situated at about the same latitude as Oslo, Norway on the shores of Atlin Lake.
This pristine mountainlake stretches for 120 km from the toe of the Llewellyn Glacier northwards. In recent times although the glacier has receded significantly.
In the summer this lake is ideal for sailing (for Hein and Gwaihir) and kayakking/canoeing and skiing and snowmobiling in the winter. (Atlin in the Winter)

The Klondike Goldrush of the late 1890's saw goldminers flooding this area. Until that time the Taku River Tlingits used the area to set up their summercamps.

At one point in the early 1900's Atlin saw a population of over ten thousand people, all wanting to get rich quickly, digging for gold in the old streambeds east of town.

Even though there are still a few goldminers around here today, nobody really did struck it very rich and Atlin is now better known for its superb natural beauty than for its gold.

The "Rock" next door
Atlin Lake from up high
The Lake in early May
Pearl Ave
 Evening Sky
Lake shore
Old Cabin in neighbour's back yard
Fireweed and lake

Ruby Creek dredge

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Mirrored Atlin Mnt.
Rock Glacier
Doscovery cabin
Fall Colours
Fall along Atlin Lake
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Garrett Store
View along Disc. Ave
Ruby Mnt.
Ruby Mnt. rock
Fulton Ave
Pine Creek Falls
Roaring Waters

Atlin, now a peaceful quiet little town, witnessed as little as 12000 yrs. ago, a violent volcanic eruption disturbing the landscape in this area.

Ruby Mountain, ~ 30 km. to the east of town is the remnant of this spasm.

Volcanic rocks are encountered all around the country side.