Atlin in the Winter

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What can we say about the winter, other than we really like it! As do many more Atlinites: for many the winter is the most attractive season to be here.

Apart from the obvious winter activities there is a serene calmness to the place that attract us mightily.

Snow around the house
Warm inside
And after all the fun outside, we continue inside next to the fire.

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Last updated December 15, 2010

- 38 C

But isn't it cold....?
What is cold.
The coldest temperature we have seen on our thermometer is about -38 degrees C. These low temperatures are only here when we are under the influence of a high pressure system which also means nice sunny days and no wind, like as on the bottom picture. Here the lake has not frozen yet so there is a bit of a fog hanging over the lake.

The Atlin Road at about km18. on an early January morning at minus 35.
During and after a heavy snowfall:
Hein and Wil
Hein and Mike on Mt.Sima
Mike plants snowmobile
Hein on his snowmobile